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If “you don’t want someone to see your private….”

re The big brew-ha-ha over recent topless photos of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, taken by those dreadful paparazzi. Yet my mama and daddy always taught me that if you don’t want someone to see your private parts, then don’t show them in public for someone to see. Contributor Roland Martin wrote that […]

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How complicated is divorce, really?

Among too many uncritically examined “givens” you’ll hear bandied about the courthouse as truth, I’ll note the following. Every family situation is unique. No judge could decide better than the married spouses themselves what’s best in organizing their separation in divorce than they are, themselves. Or— Believe me: You’re really not gonna like it if […]

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Divorce, municipalities, and customer service

In case I haven’t made it clear in the past, I’m not in favor of a “get it over and move on” mentality for divorce. That’s not the same as advocating a paternalistic, we know better imposition of value-based process on married couples looking to separate, of course. Nor condoning disrespect or institutionalized inefficiences rationalized […]

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Employers providing divorce expense reimbursements

Increasingly, small businesses are “offering to help key staff pay their divorce bills in an attempt to retain valued personnel.” This, according to the Financial Times of London, last Friday. One of the more personally fascinating aspects of divorce for me is its greatly underestimated impact on employee productivity. I’ve often thought that if employers […]

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Tennessee Supreme Court shapes alimony decisions?

You’ve gotta read beyond some of the unfortunately sensationalistic lead-in copy here to get at what’s being debated. In an article appearing in The Tennessean last Friday, reporter Brandon Gee eventually gets around to summarizing the two positions. Is the purpose of spousal support to maintain marital lifestyle according to some adjusted (according to what?) […]

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Divorce court splits game show winnings 50/50

Scott Dole of Seattle, Washington, won $51,600 as a Wheel of Fortune contestant in 2009. At the time, his wife, Carrie Dole, had divorce paperwork on file with the court — but the couple was in some manner or form attempting to reconcile. According to The Seattle Times, the couple went to trial over this matter […]

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Does marriage fulfill the “meeting of minds” legal standard?

As I am not a lawyer and don’t play one on TV, it is with great reluctance that I pull out my Black’s Law Dictionary for divorce-related matters. But it seems some sort of an accountability must be found to the increasing number of married folks who come to divorce practitioners in utter amazement at […]

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